Jennifer Owens

jennyweb2Jennifer Owens

Moving between various disciplines such as photography, painting, installations, sculpture and drawing, Jennifer always chooses the most appropriate means to express their ideas.

Her art is contemporary, although it is influenced artists and writers from various eras. From the Irish Newgrange Archaeology of ~ 3000 years BC to James Joyce, Irish folklore and storytelling, these artistic movements give her unique ideas to apply in her work.

Also inspired by the ideas of the Italian writer Gianni Rodari, she is sometimes working with multiple layers or elements, photography and sculpture, to experiment with the ideas of the literary world of this author.

She started drawing and painting when she was still very little, and she has continued studying and practicing since then, with a hiatus at age 18 when she started studying Spanish and Italian philology .

She loves working from Barcelona because it offers her distance and perspective of her own culture, while it allows her to find links between Barcelona and her native Ireland.

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