Alberto Romero Gil

Alberto RomeroAlberto Romero Gil

His work is wavering between painting and drawing, although his interests include various areas of the fine arts world. He is a contemporary painter, with a great interest in the questions and answers the art presents, in general.

Although he started painting in 2000, and had his first exhibition in 2002, Alberto still has the sensation that he starts all over again the following day after finishing a painting. The mystery of art is for him every day more unreachable.

Alberto says it is a privilege being a painter and if society allows you to practice it, your commitment should be to give back with the truth of your work.

He is inspired by painters who, with their outlook so profound, create such unreachable works, just like the mystery of art itself. Painters such as Velázquez, Giacometti or Antonio López García. Besides art, the world of technology fascinates him, although, in his way of seeing life, everything connects in a way or another with art.

When he exhibits his works in various spaces, Alberto hopes to find sensitive eyes, whose life would improve thanks to the artistic work they are enjoying.

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