Ana García Pérez

Maresme (Barcelona)

ana03_smallAna García Pérez

Artist with a figurative style and various accents of realism, her works are mainly paintings and drawings.

At 16 years old she discovered Antonio López, the artist who was the spark that helped her find out what she wanted to dedicate her life to. Since then, Antonio López is the artist that influenced her the most, through his works, his way of working and his ideas on art. For several years she was selected to participate in Antonio Lopéz’s master class. For Ana, getting to know him has been an inestimable learning experience.

Ana finds inspiration in the objects and landscapes she is surrounded by, be they interior or exterior, and the decision to paint them is a process more thought out than spontaneous.
Her first public exhibition was during her first year of university, in 2000, when she gathered in the Community Center of her village some of her first works of art.

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