Carlos Puyol

CAM00070Carlos Puyol

Carlos Puyol (Argentina, Works and lives in Barcelona for over 15 years) only paints. His works are abstract and can be described as a combination of abstract expressionism and pop art. They are an explosion of colour y forms and provoke a vibrant sensation at who looks at them.

In the works you see an influence of many artists, from Van Gogh and Matisse til Jasper Johns and Willem de Kooning..

Carlos believes that more than inspiration you need to work hard, really hard on a painting and this leads you to the process of creation. For him the best place to work is his studio. There is nothing to distract you, the world disappears and you find your unconsciousness that lets you paint the invisible part of yourself.

His first exposition was in Buenos Aires in 1994 in the San Telmo neighbourhood and after that his work has been shown in France, Sweden, New York and Spain.


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