Gabriele Fettolini

1Gabriele Fettolini

He started painting at the age of 15 and after being schooled as a primary school teacher, at the age of 20 he went to Art school.

Since he moved to Cataluña, in 1986, he has dedicated himself fully to painting. Many artists have influenced his work. Starting with artists he discovered at a young age, like Klee, Matisse and Picasso, during his studies he was captured by Bacon, Tàpies and the American Abstract Expressionists and more recent by the Sicilia and Juan Uslé amongst many others.

He doesn´t like the word inspiration when talking about how he creates, but prefers to talk about ¨uncomfortableness¨ that generate reflections and from where ideas, feelings, emotions and concepts arise that he used to create his painting. Further he believes strongly that his art is part of his identity and that every experience feeds his work.

Gabriele had his first exposition in 1992, when he participated in the first edition of the Swiss- French biennale.

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