Josep María Codina

Mataró (Barcelona)

JMcodinaJosep María Codina
Some say Josep M. Codina is an abstract painter; Josep Maria believes that formally speaking his works are nearby realities, but fully taken out of their context and that therefore his paintings and drawings are actually more figurative than abstract.

From a young age, he has always had a pencil or a brush as an annex of his hands. He staged his first solo exhibition in 1985.

Eclectic to any art form, he is interested by artists or works that awaken his curiosity, from anonymous primitive creators to contemporary artists, all with their different languages and procedures.

For inspiration, he is trying to approach the human skin, concept of an element that envelops, insulates, protects … in which time itself makes its drawings. But above all, he also believe in muses and that, come when they come, they have to find him in his studio, just in case!

When he shows his works, he hopes to provoke dialogue and, why not, perturb those who observe them.

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