Marc Prat

MarcPrat2Marc Prat

Painter and engraver, Marc defines his painting as figurative-abstract, in which there is a direct and constant reference to architecture and symbolism.

He started painting when he was 24 years old, and had his first public exhibition in 2001, six years later. Besides being an artist, he is a musician, playing the double-bass and the bass guitar, and he had also worked as photographer, journalist and professor throughout his career.
An important artistic influence in his life is the painting of his mother, Rosa Codina-Esteve. Fine arts professor at University of Barcelona, she taught him the basis of art. His artistic universe derives from his mother’s, and the two are evolving in parallel.

The constant source of inspiration for Marc are the landscapes projected in his mind, either physical or imaginary, and he always tries to convey them in his paintings.

The ideal place to display his art would be a wide space, having a neutral tone and a good lightning, so that the viewers can enjoy his paintings.

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