Teresa Pera

Teresa Pera foto web 2Teresa Pera

Born in Vilassar de Mar at the Maresme coast in 1983, Teresa Pera works best when she is close to the sea. Her preferred way of working is alone, without any kind of distraction and in complete silence. She carefully plans her day in the studio, starting with organizing everything around her to find internal peace before she can start painting. Normally she works at various pieces simultaneously without any pause.

She started painting when she was very young as many others, but has continued and had her first classes with Albert Alís in Mataró. In the beginning of her carrier she looked closely at the impressionists, and now we see influences of oriental (Japanese) art and the influence of abstract artists like Cy Twombly . She graduated from the University of Barcelona in Fine Arts in 2005 and obtained a masters from the same university in 2006.

Teresa doesn´t see any other future than painting and since an artist friend, who means a lot to her told her that she never should give up panting, she has not considered once to stop. Her future will be to continue looking for the sensitive, mysterious beauty she wants to transmit to us by painting and drawing.

She recently had a solo show “Estrats” at the Acadèmia de Belles Arts de Sabadell (Sabadell 2014) and in 2013 an exposition in the Museum of Vilassar de Mar. In 2012 she was selected in the Bienal d’art contemporàni català.

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